Portable air cooler




The Portable evaporative cooler wheeled and built for multiple applications, can work with the internal water tank . It possesses great evaporative cooling effect . The Portable air cooler compact and efficient, ideal solution for the climate control in small room or office . Their operating principle is based on water cooling system to reduce the air temperature and clean the air, with a proper ratio between moisture Air. 

Other Features :

  • Portable air cooler Design compact and stylish
  • low costs of installation, operation and maintenance
  • This evaporative air cooler different settings and functions running
  • handles for easy transport and equipped with wheels
  • long and uninterrupted without water supply operating time
  • centrifugal fan
  • This portable cooler is easy to program with supplied remote control for maximum convenience’ of use
  • and ‘ eco-friendly and extremely would silently