Misting fan





I-COOLER and ‘an ecological cooler , as well as a fan and cold air portable nebulizer , with pump and integrated tank.

Thanks to its internal pressurisation system, this type of fan and cooler nebulizer ‘capable of mixing atomized water to the ventilated air flow, thus creating’ a refreshing effect in the entire area of action. In fact, once filled the tank and connected the plug to the power outlet, just switch it on and within seconds a cool breeze will brighten ‘the environment.

This special fan cooler misting and ‘ super silent and completely autonomous thanks to the internal water tank of large capacity’ which provides a range of 3 to 5 hours. His quietness’, representing a ‘ noise emission of less than 55 dB , and’ guaranteed by the QES low consumption electric motor (technology designed for use in environments that require low noise).

Moreover this fan nebulizer model, in addition to lowering the temperature, covering an area of over 50 square meters,

  • keeps insects
  • reduces dust and pollen.

The cooler nebulizer cold air I-COOLER and ‘was designed especially for its use in gardens, terraces, public places, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, beaches, clubs, workshops.

Technical features

  • working pressure: 70 bar
  • industrial motor with single-phase power 550W ventilated
  • Adjustable fan speed 3 ‘
  • water tank up to 70 l
  • Low noise level ‘: 55 dB (A)
  • Digital timer for timed operation
  • time programming, daily and weekly (optional)
  • Low water alarm
  • Wheels and handle handling
  • Dimensions: h. 2050 x p. 580 x l. 580 mm
  • Weight: 50 Kg Dry

Versions of I-cooler with muted engine with QES technology are particularly appreciated in the field of the “resort” (holiday parks, swimming pools, bars, restaurants and hotels), where noise should not cause discomfort to the guests.

All of the various models of this evaporative nebulizer are equipped withBY-PASS-SYSTEM (internal circuit of By-Pass), ie a water recirculation system, which prevents overheating of the pump and at the same time allows to cool it.