Outdoor Cooler




This Portable outdoor air cooler BC particularly suitable for Outdoor cooling , Ideal for  small or moderately sized Garden or patio ,it continuously supplies not only cold air also it cleans the air from smoke, dust and odors.

This particular model of Outdoor cooler allows to cool the Outdoor through Evaporative cooling effect , created by the combined Air and water cooled, while passing the honeycomb pad, and that’ constantly wet by the water, and the air.

Portable evaporative Outdoor cooler  has

  • low maintenance costs and does not require any kind of installation
  • Automatic Filling option for water.

Also this Portable cooler model  very easy to move, thanks to the wheels, is suitable for a wide range of applications, and its quiet and environmentally friendly .


Outdoor Cooler  
Cooling Pad size  50
air flow [m3 / h]
Maximum area [m 2 ] 60
Voltage [V] – frequency [Hz] 230-50
 Consumption [W] 280
 Absorption [A]  1.2
fan speed 3
Air Exit front
Water consumption [l / h] 7
water tank [l] 57
Direct connection with the water [inch] 1/2 “
Control of the water level YES’
Noise level [dB] 62