Evaporative cooling Pads




The evaporative humidifying panels are made of cellulose and are used for the ‘humidification and air cooling.

These evaporative panels are made of corrugated cellulose sheets, crossed and impregnated with non-toxic resins. Every single evaporative panel works thanks to the exchange of energy between water and air. in particular, the water is uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the evaporative panel and the energy required for the evaporation of water, it is drawn from the air that passes through the evaporator panels. in this way the air loses some of its temperature and is then humidified and cooled. These evaporative humidifying panels have an ‘ excellent efficiency, low operating costs and low load losses. the evaporating panel finds use in air humidification sections in the systems of air conditioning and industrial evaporative coolers professional.